“I cannot stand having mix matched utensils. These solve that problem while functioning great and looking stylish. These look good enough to display them on the countertop if you so desire. Always wanted something dishwasher safe because handwashing so bad for my hands.”

~ Nina

“This set is so spectacular. The amount of utensils you get for the price is above and beyond. The colors are so bright and cheer the whole room up. They feel good in your hands and move through ingredients like a shark through water. That's the only way I can say it. They make cooking fun for me again, along with coming clean so easy. “

~ Crash

“Silicon has been a game-changer. No more worrying about scratching pans (especially Teflon) or melting plastic utensils. I've been using these for the last couple months. The “cake scrapper” style spatula and the tongs are my favorite.
The tongs when closed and perfect lock fit in the spacing between the gaps in the rest.”

~ William

“I purchased these as a housewarming/Christmas gift for my mother and she loves them. They're very sturdy and well made. 10/10 recommend. Comes with everything you could need for a set and the price is very fair! I have it saved for any future friends housewarming gifts.”

~ Noah

“I purchased 90% of my items on Amazon and this is the best of all! I cook almost every day so my kitchen purchases are used frequently. I thought these utensils would be flimsy and wouldn't hold up in the dishwasher. Was I ever wrong! I ordered a set for my Mom and she too was pleasantly surprised of their integrity. I was surprised how affordable they were. I will be searching for more kitchen items to buy from this manufacturer!

I'm a happy cook!!!”

~ Michelle

“I love these utensils!! The colors are nice and bright. It adds such a nice pop of color to my kitchen.
I bought them for the colors and hoped for good quality. I am super happy with the quality and sturdiness of every one of these utensils. I've had them for a few months and I use them everyday. They still look brand new and the silicone has not even begun to wear out.
I would not hesitate to buy them again as a gift for anyone.”

~ Kimberlee